NFID Wallet Knowledge Base

NFID Wallet Knowledge Base

NFID is the easiest and most secure digital identity for the modern world.

On this page you’ll find resources, guides, and education that will help you use NFID to sign in to websites and applications, use crypto, and navigate Web3.

If you have any questions, reach out via email at: [email protected] or DM us on Twitter: @IdentityMaxis.

Getting started with NFID

Create your NFID
Create your NFID
Security and your NFID
Privacy and your NFID

How to use NFID

Sign in with NFID
Send and receive assets
Send and receive assets


Is my email address shared?

No. Nobody is able to look up your email address for any reason, nor is it ever shared with anyone or any applications at sign up, sign in, or otherwise. The NFID protocol uses your email address to send email verification codes and other security emails in the future.

What do applications receive when I sign in?

An application will only receive your address on the blockchain network the application uses. Currently, NFID supports applications using the Ethereum, Polygon, and Internet Computer networks.

What’s the technology behind making NFID so easy to use?

NFID is built on the Internet Computer, which is a cloud provider whose competition is mainly AWS and Google Cloud. The difference between the Internet Computer and AWS/Google is that the former is a decentralized smart contract network, and the latter are centralized corporations. This gives NFID enough compute and storage to run a webapp that feels like Web2, while also providing users with digital sovereignty.

How can I sign in with my computer instead of scanning a QR code with my phone?

See here.

Should I create a recovery phrase?

If you know how to manage one (read: keep it ultra secure and free from prying eyes), then sure.

If you aren’t comfortable with this responsibility, we recommend enabling 2FA and creating more passkeys instead not only because they’re significantly more secure, but also more convenient to manage.

I’ve lost my logins, where can I use my recovery phrase?

Other resources